New Code Geass?!

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection has been announced, though we are unsure at this if it will be a feature film, novel, series, or what. Could we witness the return of Lelouch? It sure seems so. Right now it looks like we will for sure be seeing other favorite characters like Suzaku and Kallen. It's set in the non-AU future. Quite a 10 year anniversary gift! 

My greatest hope is that we get to see fan theories come to life -- IS Lelouch in the hay? IS he the cart driver? I'm hoping the series addresses the fans in a way that is entertaining, but not painfully cheesy. (This does vaguely remind me of the famed Sherlock Season 3 opening episode)

One thing that is confirmed: we are getting Code Geass Movies. A Trilogy to be exactly. It appears that they will be recaps of all of Lelouch of the Rebellion and R2, so expected a sped up plot. 

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