Just the Basics: Hygiene at Conventions

Lucasfilms (c)

Lucasfilms (c)

We've all been there. That moment where you run into The Smelly Cosplayer. Chances are this person doesn't mean to be smelly nor do they know that they smell. If you're worried this title may belong to you or if you want to do everything in your power to prevent yourself from gaining that title, this article is for you. It's more than just showering.

I'm going to split this article into the two main things that could be the root of one's pungent scent. Body and Costume.

 Your Body (and the scents it brings)

We've all got our smelly bits so I'm gonna split this into body parts. Head to toe

  • Your Hair. Wash your hair at least once the weekend you're at the con, more frequently if you will be wearing a wig. Freshly shampooed hair is by far one of the greatest scents imaginable, BUT do not put on a wig with wet hair. This can cause quite an unpleasant stench depending on what kind of fiber your wig is made of. You could also damage the wig.

  • Your Mouth. Bad breath isn't the worst smell epidemic to go around, but it will definitely make the person who came up to you cringe when they catch a whiff of your breath during your photo together. Brush your teeth thoroughly, and try to keep some mints/listerine strips on you if you're prone to unpleasant breath.

  • Your pits. When I say pits, I'm not just referring to your armpits, but also your... leg pits? Everyone gets sweaty down there too so if you can help it, without getting deodorant all over our costume, swipe some of your favorite degree/old spice on there as well. Also behind the knee. Reapply as needed throughout the day. Don't be afraid to ask a friend if you smell.

  • If you have a vagina you, as well as every female, knows that that thing can have its problems sometime. Especially when it's buried in a hot sweaty costume all day, with minimal breathing time. There's a great brand called Summer's Eve that makes pH balanced, gyno-approved body wash as well as deodorizing spray. It's worth the investment, and will make you feel a lot less self-conscious.

  • Your Feet if you're a human, chances are your feet are smelly. As a courtesy to other humans, if you've been wearing shoes most of the day please do not take off your shoes with out either going outside or to a less-populated area of the con. I also recommend putting the aforementioned Summer's Eve spray on your feet.

Your Costume

Cosplays can be quite fragile. Often, you can't just toss them in the wash and call it good. If you can afford it, you can get it dry cleaned. An alternative to dry-cleaning would be, you guessed it, febreeze. Do not soak your outfit in Febreeze. Follow the directions everything should be okay.

It's inevitable that you are going to sweat in your costume, I know, but if you apply the Hygiene standards given in the above part of this article, your costume will be significantly less displeasing to you and your friends' olfactory senses.