Just the Basics: Con Safety - The Do's and Don'ts

The Do’s and Don’ts of Con Safety



  • Carry money with you in a safe place

  • Know the location of Con-Ops in case any issue arises

  • Report any suspicious behavior

  • Travel in a group

  • Stay Hydrated and eat well

  • Use a cosplay name instead of your real name

  • Have someone you can call if for some reason you need a ride somewhere away from the con



  • Leave personal items unattended

  • Flail your weapon around without checking the general area for other attendees

  • Harass other attendees

  • Give acquaintances to your party access to your room

  • Incapacitate yourself with drugs/alcohol without being in a safe environment and with people you trust

  • Rely on meeting someone at the con and staying in their room