Cosplay - To Make or To Order, That is the Question

In this Article, we review the pros and cons to both sides, and hopefully help you make the decision


When you choose to order a product online, there's a few sacrifices you're probably making unless you're particularly familiar with the studio/person making your cosplay. You're risking that your cosplay may not fit quite right, you're risking the material being incorrect, and you're throwing the time at which you will get your cosplay into the unknown (unless you use AmazonPrime). Ordering your Cosplay online isn't all bad, though. Sometimes it can be helpful to order something and then make alterations. Other times it's simply cheaper. Or, if you're anything like me and have absolutely no craft skills whatsoever, it's your only option. There's nothing wrong with ordering a cosplay online. Just keep in mind that it may not be the same as the picture, and you won't have the bragging rights that come with a self-crafted masterpiece.


Should you choose to make your own cosplay, there are some things you should consider. Often, in the end (if you choose to find the absolute perfect material) it will end up being more expensive than just ordering a cosplay online. However, by making your own costume, you can tailor it to your precise size and body type--complete control of the sizing, as well as quality. Unfortunately, making one's own cosplay can be particularly time consuming, so if you're a person who has a life that doesn't quite give enough time for an ongoing project right now, you may want to consider purchasing online instead.  The nice thing about making a cosplay is that you have a better idea of when it will be completed [most of the time ;O]. You can see the progress. If you enjoy competing in cosplay competitions, you should also factor in that many cosplay competitions require you to have made at least 80% of what you are wearing.