One Punch Man

This  week I watched One Punch Man. After weeks of resisting a variety of people's suggestions, I broke down after a coworker of mine told me he wasn't even in to the anime scene much at all and he enjoyed it a bunch. Here are my thoughts.

Okay, so, honestly I wasn't expecting much from One Punch Man. I had already mistaken cosplayers for being Anpan Man at conventions before, so I knew the outfit had to be some sort of comedic play on Japan's favorite, red bean paste filled, mascot. Usually I don't seek out anime for comedy. I tend to lean more toward the gritty, soul-crushing type or the brainless Shoujo heartstring tales. So this anime really didn't seem to be my style.

"The art is so good" people kept telling me, but all I had seen were stills of a blank-faced Saitama, so I found that hard to believe. Being somewhat of an art snob, I wrote it off as people's taste in art style being different from mine, and regularly chose not to start the Anime. 

I was wrong. I was so wrong. The art is good, and moments of serious Saitama remind me of Dragon Ball, but the style of Genos also pulls in some aspects of the mid 2000s art form I hold so dearly. The comedy was on point, not as goofy as most Anime comedy are these days. I found the series to be refreshing.

One thing that also surprised me was the lack of feminist backlash. Only until the final episodes did I realize the extreme lack of female roles. Personally, it didn't bother me much at all with One-punch man. And honestly, I'd rather have little to no representation than crappy representation of women. There was, however, one thing that bothered me and it was the lack of resolution for Genos' story line, but I suppose that's another season, or another show even. 

Overall, I liked how the show was fast-paced, especially with Saitama openly cutting off exposition moments. Those moments can be kind of junk a lot of the time anyway. Even though a lot of the episodes were action, I didn't find myself kind of skipping through hoping for valuable plot moments like I normally do when it comes to longer battle sequences (looking at you, Bleach). 

 I give One Punch Man 8/10 Con-fidential Keys.