Post Con Feelings

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

After a weekend of crazy fun and excitement comes to a close, it’s common to find yourself swelling with a variety of different emotions. At first you feel exhilarated, glad to have experienced something so much fun. But then, after a day or so, it really hits you that the con is over, and you start to bathe in the cloud of monotony that is the real world. Here are some things to help as you re-adjust back into daily life.

Social Media is a great way of documenting your experience. Try updating your blog or posting an album of pictures on facebook. Don’t spam your news feed with statuses about the con unless a majority of your facebook friends will actually care. Use social media to connect with other people who were at the con that you met, or even people you didn’t meet. It’s easy to find people by searching the hashtags associated with the con. Always find a way to share your feelings and excitement about the con with others who are interested!

Treasure the merchandise you purchased, or even just your badge if you didn’t buy anything. I personally keep a binder full of all my badges and con schedules for reference. It’s also important to try not regret purchasing decisions. Whether you decided against buying that super adorable Maki Nishikino figure and you really wish you had, or if you spent a little bit too much money stocking up on art from Artists’ Alley, be proud of what you did/didn’t purchase, and move on. Who knows, maybe that item that you really wanted will be at the next convention you go to!
Sometimes regular life just feels boring after a con. To keep yourself entertained, focus on the fact that whatever you’re doing right now could, in some way, contribute to your next con experience. It’s also fun to daydream about the next con you’re going to, and if you have the time, start to plan. The earlier planned, the better (and cheaper) the con experience is!

Another way to break the monotony is to join a group that has similar interests or goes to cons. Sometimes this can be through school, or if you’re not in school, maybe learn a new card game and hang out at your local game shop to play against people. Generally, most cities have some place where you can find your brethren and get a glimpse back into the social world of geekery.

My favorite place to make friends is the Manga section of bookstores. There’s always at least one other person in the aisle and it’s easy to make conversation when it’s about a topic that you’re both familiar with, no matter how introverted you may be.