Fruits Basket

Once, the number one shoujo manga, of course Fruits Basket was destined to have an anime. Unfortunately it wasn’t as smashing a success as the manga, and for a variety of reasons the anime was ended.

The manga lives on as something legendary, however it’s easy to see why the anime didn’t live on. Though entertaining, it failed to carry the heart that the manga did. Many fans regard the direction as poor and the animation as lazy. Overall it was decent, but as a die hard Furuba fan I was bummed to see it only covered the first 8 volumes. There’s so much more to the characters we see in the anime, and so much development to be done.

It saddens me to know that Takaya (creator) denied any rumours that the anime might be continued. It’s incredibly hard to keep an anime running due to its high cost for quality content. More rumors have surfaced that due to illness and injuries of staff, the anime was forced to wrap up, however it still feels like a cohesive series, despite not even making it to the thick of the series.

Many questions about the anime and its productions go unanswered, and many dreams of an anime that will finish with the grand twists of the manga’s finale remain in pieces. Perhaps in the future, someone will be inspired and funded enough to do a reboot of the fantastic series.


4/10 Con-fidential Keys