We Stand Together

The LGBTQA Community.
Conventions and geekdom attract people from all walks of life, of all different races, religions, interests and sexualities. Often the geek community, and by extension conventions, are considered to be a safe and accepting zone for anyone. Geekdom can provide a kind of companionship and safety in knowing that there will be a community there for you no matter what. It’s fairly reminiscent of a religious community.

With recent events, I feel it is important to give some light and some love to the LGBTQA Community.  Your convention and geek family has a huge overlap and hopes to provide a support network for you. We stand united in this struggle for the trust and love of others. It is important that we continue our trend of being an all-inclusive community filled with warmth. Let us not live in fear. Let us celebrate the lives of everyone who’s life was taken from them because they were different, and let us continue to live our lives to the fullest.

ArticleKelsey Berg