After confessing my love for gritty, profound soul anime to a friend, he suggested I give Noragami a try.  I had heard of it-- a good friend from college had rambled about it to me about a year ago. I promised I'd get to it, and then forgot the name. Luckily the series was beautiful enough to influence many of my other friends, and I found myself committed to Kofuku cosplay. I have a personal policy of never cosplaying something unless I'm at least somewhat familiar with the source material.

Noragami has definitely found it's place among my top 5 favorite anime. I thoroughly enjoy character development. One of my favorite things that Noragami does is alludes to a variety of darkness behind not only Yato, but a many other characters. This keeps the viewer curious, though the the past is not the focus of the story. I also appreciate the sense of impending tragedy that the creators have mastered. The viewer knows when something bad is going to happen, altough he or she cannot predict the details which make the event stick in one's soul.

As far as concept goes, I liked the classical idea of gods walking among men. The nods at traditional Japanese culture were elegant and I hope many of the viewers' interest in Japanese cultural practices were stimulated.

This show also did a great job of staying away from typical show-ruiners like using all the other characters to build the main characters story--it even went as far as giving non-core characters their own arcs, while not making the viewer disinterested.  It also didn't abuse the anime trope commonly referred to by fans as "talk no jutsu" in which a character will simply talk an antagonist out of an act. 

Overall, I found the show to be incredibly elegant and reflective of what it means to be human. We have have our own motives, successes, faults and failures.

10/10 con-fidential keys