The Wonders of Lolita Fashion

co Spiegel, Pitman Times

co Spiegel, Pitman Times

Japan has long been fascinated by Western style. As a result, it (unsurprisingly) developed its own super adorable take on the western fashion. You may see con attendees in extravagantly doll-ish outfits indulging in this super cute trend that originated in the 1980s.

There are a variety of different types of Lolita costumes. Generally they are categorized into different sections such as: Otome, Boystyle, Ero, Ita, Sweet, Classic, and Bitersweet

In Japan, it's most common for lolitas to choose one or two types that they stick to for their style. Because good quality Lolita clothing is pricy, even in Japan, it's generally cost effective to stick to one style so that you can mix and match items easier. The awesome thing about lolita is that one can choose to be as extreme or mild of a lolita that he or she wants to be. 

If you're interested in starting to build your Lolita wardrobe, there are lots of resources I will post at the bottom of this article. Yes, it's expensive, but if you're looking for overall bargains, it turns out the best place to actually purchase Lolita clothing is in Japan itself in the Takeshita Dori area. There, in the side alleys, there are plenty of pre-owned lolita fashion shops where you can find sought after brands for significantly marked down prices. These shops are magic. 

If you won't be finding yourself in Japan any time soon, but are crafty, it may be most affordable to look into sewing your own lolita attire. One key factor about dressing in lolita style is that every look is different, so you'd really be embracing the culture.

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