Kiznaiver is finishing up its first season right now, but I'd like to talk a little bit about what I like and dislike about it so far.

Kiznaiver is a really interesting anime already just because of its subject matter: Humanity. It puts a heavy weight on emotions and how they can affect others, in the case of the characters, physically. I think there are lot of profound statements that the creators are trying to make with this show and I can't wait to see where it goes. 

That being said, I worry a bit about the plot. There are "missions" for the main characters and as the story goes on we slowly learn more about our hero's past, however the series seems to be lacking an underlying goal, and that worries me. Though personally I place a lot of stake in character development when it comes to anime, I still think it's important to have a thick, underlying, clear, and cohesive plot the kind of is the glue that keeps the series held together. Maybe I just don't see it and I will come the end of the season. Hoping for the best on this one. 

As far is the art goes, I think it's quite well done. Same goes for the sound, story, and themes. One thing I particularly enjoy about the series is that the main characters are meant to represent the seven deadly sins. Though this is becoming an anime trope (presumably made famous by Fullmetal Alchemist) it is one that I welcome with open arms, as it still offers plenty of different ways that storytellers can differentiate themselves. The "sins" archetypes are really more of a tool to me than something to put under the "lazy writing" category. I think that Kiznaiver applies them expertly. 

Overall, I give this series 8/10 Con-fidenial Keys (for now)