Love Live! Sunshine!!

I'm going to start this article by saying I am a total fan of Love Live, so when it was announced I was filled with both joy and fear. How could a new set of girls possibly live up to my beloved µ's? It wasn't long before the new set of girls and their general bios came out in Japanese. Luckily, I can read Japanese, and immediately began devouring the characters, trying to decide who would me my Aqours best girl. Who would sit next to Maki Nishikino in the throne room of my heart?

Well, I tentatively decided Dia would be my pick. I tend to favor tsundere types, so she seemed ideal, not to mention the overly-competitive nature that we both share, as well as a small beauty mark by our mouths in the same place (I'm telling you it's a bond). After beginning the show, I'm finding that most all of the girls are emerging as my favorites. I think Yoshiko (Yohane) is entertaining and spunky with her false delusions. After episode two, which was released this week, I found Riko creeping into my heart, especially after discovering her motives and anxieties related to music. I even found Kanan endearing, despite her lack of screen time and character development so far. 

Though the Love Live community saw the character designs, trailers, and bios and already began labeling characters the new versions of the original Love Live series, I think the creators did a great job of delivering new personalities and changing up the designs enough to make a a difference. Yoshiko is not the new Nico. Ruby is not the new Hanayo. Dia is not the new Eri. 

So far the show is looking like it is going to surpass the original series in terms of character development and plot. I look forward to seeing more. It's too early for me to offer an official review, so in the meantime I suggest you keep an eye out for the new Love Live! Sunshine!! and give it a shot. If you haven't seen the original love live series, but you would like to watch Sunshine, I recommend watching the original first, as there are tons of references to it.