Pokemon GO and Cons

With the immense popularity of Pokemon GO, one can't help but wonder what effect it will have on the con-going community. Here are some things that we anticipate:

1. Merchandise

Of course, there's going to be plenty of Pokemon Go merchandise that will be sold at upcoming artist alleys and vendor shops. We've already found our preferred Pokemon go badge provider at (Epohi on etsy). Expect to find plenty of stellar new merchandise for the three teams.

2. Trading

It was recently confirmed that a pokemon trading system will be implemented on Pokemon go, which means you can expect even more panels and gatherings revolving around pokeswapping. It was already common to see DS Users armed with pokemon ready to trade at cons and streetpass functions enabled. I can't wait to see how the mass use of Pokemon Go creates an entirely new community of Pokemon fans. 

3. Tension?

Because of the already massive rivalry between Mystic, Valor and Instinct, I wonder/worry if we will see some overly-passionate arguments between con-goer. In the event that there is a Gym on or near the campus of the convention floor, it's not hard to picture a massive geek battle. 

ArticleKelsey Berg