Princess Tutu

This Week's anime of the week is a treat for anyone who wants to start watching anime with their kids. It's got a relatively simple plot with some dark undertones, and is entertaining for the whole family. It focuses on Ahiru (meaning "Duck") who is a not-so-graceful ballerina at a private academy, and follows her adventures to re-piece the heart of someone she admires.

Princess Tutu features two main brooding antagonists, who start out downright mean until the viewers get to understand their backstory that, for the most part, functions as an explanation for their actions.

Among other things I admire about the series is that it's constantly throwing back to classical stories and music. As a fan of Classical music and someone with mild interest in folktales, I found these twists to be delightful, and incredible vehicles for the plot, considering it's an anime more geared at children. 

The final  thing I liked about Princess Tutu is that it's relatively short. Lots of classic "collect all the pieces" and mahou shoujo plots can be quite the undertaking to watch and require a long term commitment. Princess Tutu has 38 episodes total, remains simple, and is quite conclusive. 

7/10 Con-fidential keys because I would have loved to see some even darker subplots happening