ReLIFE definitely falls victim to the typical anime tropes and archetypes that come with a school life genre. There are two types of main characters in school life anime. The first is the girl with the weird colored hair that indicates her role. The second is the really, really typical dude who will, of course, be dragged into some really, really atypical stuff.

ReLIFE follows a male protagonist, Kaizaki, after a mysterious man approaches him after a night out at an izakaya with friends. This man offers Kaizaki a pill that will change his life (like the matrix, but really not like the matrix). 

The rest of the season follows Kaizaki through high school life accompanied by traditional slice-of-life archetypes like the shy love interest, the poorly-communicated lovers, the dense dude, the flirt, and the mastermind.

Overall, ReLIFE actually turned out to be a pretty good anime, though. It keeps the viewers on their toes, because though it follows tropes, it isn't incredibly predictable and it also has a unique feature of having the story be almost exclusively run by the actions of a supporting role, not one of the main roles. I found this particularly interesting while watching, and can't help but wonder if in season two, she will grow into more of a main character.

8/10 confikeys!