Fate/Stay Night

After years of seeing Saber all over the internet and in convention merchandising rooms in her varying versions, I finally decided it's time to see what the adorable character was all about.  Boy, was it exciting. I'm still unfamiliar with the "Fate" world, so I don't have any solidified formal opinions of the characters, but I found Fate/Stay Night to be quite enjoyable. 

Being a lover of the Tsundere archetype, I was delighted by Rin and immediately found myself begging everyone around me to do a group cosplay (so you can expect some pics). Overall the plot was thoughful, and had a lot of opportunity for depth. I believe it used the opportunities sufficiently. I would have liked to have my soul be a little more crushed and have my mind a little more bent by the anime, but that could be because it was the first anime I watched after finishing Steins;Gate, which set the bar for that type of thing incredibly high. 

I look forward to exploring more of the Fate Series. I think there are plenty of stories to be told about the characters, and I would love to dive deeper. 

8/10 confi keys