We Are Obsessed With FEMM and Here's Why

We’re obsessed with FEMM (Far East Mention Mannequins) and here’s why:

FEMM is known for their unique vinyl outfits which are incorporated into their fabulous music videos, as well as promotional efforts. At THIS LINK you can view an early promotion in which our favorite mannequin duo struts through Tokyo

Smelting of Culture
The aesthetic, music and concept of FEMM is an interesting mix of American pop/EDM as well as classic Japanese pop. Layered with heavy beats and synth, as well as primarily English lyrics, if one heard them on the radio, they could be presumed to be a solid American artist, but there’s still a bit of J-pop flare you can hear in the phrasing.

What the duo does Outside of FEMM
There isn’t much information on LuLa outside of her music and modeling career. RiRi, on the other hand, has dipped her toes in film, but more than anything is a passionate Martial Arts instructor in Tokyo, currently. This knowledge, I have to admit, has added to my appreciation of the group. Their BAMF level is definitely increasing rapidly.

Their Political Statements
FEMM is mostly known for a protest in which they teamed up with Nicki Minaj to dance in a Tokyo bath house as part of the “Dance is not a crime” movement to bring attention to the strange Japanese law that forbids people from dancing within 66 metres of clubs after a certain time. Not to mention that powerful, feminist attitude!

And, of course, the music itself
FEMM explores elements from many different genres. Though mainly known for EDM/Pop, they have dabbled in calmer sounds. “Unbreakable” for example.

Personally, I find a majority of their songs appear on my workout playlist. They make you want to move!


ArticleKelsey Berg