Daily Lives of High School Boys

It's back to school season, so I felt it was necessary to pick a school anime. Of course, back to school season can be a sad time for young people from all around, so it had to be a comedy. Daily Live's of High School Boys is listed as one of the top "comedy" anime so I figured why not give it a shot. Here are my thoughts. 

Art. The Art isn't spectacular, but it's also not bad. Due to the anime being a comedy, there is no need for there to be a focus on creating an artistic masterpiece. Overall it's decent, though. 

Plot. The plot of DLHSB isn't some strong ongoing thing. In fact, the series is structured more like a series of sketches. Occasionally a sequence of sketches that are related to one another will continue throughout a series of episodes, but the show does not take on traditional plot structures. 

Humor. Okay, so is it actually funny? Personally I think it is. The show does a great job of pulling the best moments of anime tropes, as well as giving us original content. It vaguely reminds me of Lucky Star, though personally I think it's much more funny than Lucky Star. Ya kinda have to watch the first episode to get a feel for what the show is really like. It goes by quickly and after that, you'll have a good sense of if the humor is right for you.

7/10 confi keys