Darker Than Black

Darker Than Black is a sci-fi thriller that takes place in the near future. It focuses on a series of characters with mysterious powers that are called "Contracters" who conduct underground business for a syndicate. The series is filled with mysteries, well-choreographed battles, and satisfying character designs.

Art. The  art style of darker than black is relatively simple, yet not poor whatsoever. I especially love Hei's character design, specifically his trademark reaper mask. The movement in the show especially during the battle choreography is handled expertly while not throwing away the general feel of the show. Often, I find battle scenes in anime feel sort of detached from the general animation style, but Darker Than Black keeps things consistent.

Plot. Darker than black carries a heavy drama too it, but it does not exclude opportunities for the occasional laugh. There are a few non-plot heavy episodes that pull the viewer into more of a close relationship with the characters. The Plot of the overarching story falls more into place about half way through the series. I especially appreciate how Darker Than Black doesn't fall into traditional shonen tropes. Every battle is not a world-saving battle. People do not have godlike abilities. Obstacles grow throughout the series for the characters, both mentally and physically. This provides more weight to the events that take place.

To some viewers dismay, the show doesn't end with a bang. It does tie up all the lose ends. But in a way, it feels right and consistent with the show that started with so many questions. Hei, the protagonist definitely found his way into my heart and I will always regard him as one of my favorite characters of all anime. It's hard to reveal too much about his character so I'll let you decide for yourself what to think of him.

Overall the series is engaging, thrilling, and entertaining to watch. 8/10 confi keys