The Awesome That Is Purchasing Cosplay Secondhand

OK, so you don't have a ton of time before your next convention, nor do you have a lot of extra cash on hand, but you really really really want to have a new cosplay to debut. What to do? Ordering on amazon prime is great because it's fast, but it's so expensive! If you want something less expensive, ya gotta order from China, and ain't nobody got time for that shipping process. So what is a poor cosplayer to do? 

Well, here's my solution: Order Secondhand from within your country. There are a variety of places to do this, but i have had the best luck this facebook group . Most of the cosplay is worn-once or cosplay that was too big or small for the original owner, so you're not getting some grubby piece of junk. Often the owner will sell the accessories like shoes/swords as a full package with the costume itself which saves you a ton of money. Another thing that I like about buying cosplay secondhand is that usually if there are any kinks in the costume (small scuffs or errors made by the original maker) the owner has already taken care of fixing them.  I have yet to have someone put off sending my the product I purchased from them. Usually it comes in about a week. Much faster than China, much cheaper than Amazon.

So consider helping another cosplayer out, and getting yourself a good quality cosplay for significantly less money in less time. Also, the sellers have been super nice -- so I've made a few friends out of it too!