Shugo Chara

Shugo Chara is  pre-teen aimed shoujo series that follows Amu Hinamori, who wakes up one morning and finds eggs in her bed. Lain by her. Dang it, Japan, where do you get these ideas? Anyway, this series is a mahou-shoujo (magical girl) series. It deals with concepts that a lot of pre-teens face like growing up, budding love, and interpersonal relationships. 

Art. The art is pretty good, but is definitely reminiscent of it's era (Mid 2000's). Design of the student uniforms is definitely on point.

Story. The story is ongoing, and doesn't follow some thick, dark plot. The real joy of the show comes from the Characters. They do a great job of making the characters relatable, and there's a character for everyone. I especially appreciate the gender-identity discovery of Nadeshiko, and how the friends accept them with much love. Throughout the series we are given the hard truth of what it means to grow up, and how the choices we make can lead us to become everything we've dreamed of or become someone who brings harm to others. Shugo Chara focuses a lot on self-discovery and identity. I reccommend it to anyone, but especially to younger girls. I actually gave the series to my younger cousin for christmas before she entered 5th grade. She loves it. 

I LOVED this anime. There's a ton of learning experiences, it's entertaining, the concept is odd but delightful, the characters are wonderful, and it's great for all ages. 

10/10 Confi Keys

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