BanG Dream!

©Sentai Filmworks

©Sentai Filmworks

This week marked the release of the highly-promoted anime "BanG Dream." The name itself is an interesting choice, but moving beyond that, the show is desperately trying to get a grasp on the idol market. Since only one episode has been released so far, please expect this review to be more speculative than the others.

Art. BanG Dream's art style isn't unique, but it's definitely solid. The style definitely pulls the shiny, sunny feel one might expect from a music group anime. Personally, I find the character designs to be a bit refreshingly simple, especially the hair. This is not one of those anime in which you can identify the main character in the first frame based solely on their hair color being abnormal. 

Characters. Art style aside, this is one of those an which you can immediately tell who the main character is based off their bland, and almost stupid personality. I'm not sure where the archetype of ditzy, unskilled, sickeningly optimistic main-character-sama came from, but Kasumi's character reminded me so much of Honoka from LoveLive that it was hard not to feel like this was just another idol anime.

The first episode also introduced our (presumably) second and third band members: Arisa and Saaya. Arisa, of course, being the trademark Tsundere of the group, and Saaya falling in to the "supportive friend" archetype. Right now the characters are rather weak and archetypal, but seeing as we are only in the early stages of their journey, I think the show has plenty of opportunity to really build the girls' personalities.

Story. Clumsy cheerful girl is inspired by something. Clumsy cheerful girl gets idea in her head about being famous for a non-greedy purpose. Clumsy cheerful girl drags a friend into helping her with this project.....we will see if the plot continues on to the next parts of the sequence which include dragging in more members, trying and failing, trying again and succeeding, and continuing to succeed.

5/10 confi keys -- this show isn't damned yet.