Upcoming Hype: Juuni Taisen


Juuni Taisen, also known as Zodiac War. Oh boy, does this look amazing. With an art style resembling both Steins;Gate and Tokyo Ghoul, animation similar to Noragami, and a storyline reminiscent of the Fate series (Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero), there is so much potential that I can barely handle it. So, let me explain my excitement.

Both Crunchyroll and Funimation have released short teaser trailers for the new show. But that’s the keyword here, short. Yet despite that, even with how little they showed, it looks incredible. So, here’s the rundown. Every twelve years the Chinese zodiac take physical form as warriors and wage war against each other, fighting to the death. The lone survivor is then granted a single wish. Already, it has Fate vibes all over, which is a good thing. It takes a similar concept and gives it a whole new spin. The animation is also great. I mean, it sort of has to be if the entire show is about fighting to the death. Good thing Avex Pictures is producing it. With anime like Noragami Aragoto and Yuri!!! on Ice under their belt, I think they have it covered. Then with Graphinica, the studio that made the well revered Hellsing anime, it seems like the series is in good hands. But things get better. The original light novel, which was only one volume with twelve chapter, was written by Isin Nisio back in 2015. That’s right, the man who created the story for the entire Monogatari series is responsible for this new show. Now it’s getting a manga adaptation on top of the anime adaptation. It has to be pretty good with two adaptations happening simultaneously.

So, what’s the feel of the show? The manga adaptation will debut in Weekly Shonen Jump. That should give you some idea. The fact that it also originated as a light novel suggests that there is decent probability of it being more of a dark series. That alone is enough for me. With so many familiarities to other anime such as Fate/Stay Night, Noragami, and Tokyo Ghoul and having the story being written by Isin Nisio, famous creator of the Monogatari series, I seriously can’t express both the potential of this show and my hyped excitement. In al seriousness, add this to your watch list.  


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