Anime of the Week: Blend-S

Concept. At first glance, one would expect this show to be more of a maid-cafe show, but they establish early on that's each girl isn't a maid per se, but simply a typical anime stereotype. The girls are cast based on looks, not personality. This is inherently entertaining, as most of them are mis-cast to to their personality.

Art. I think the art style of the show is fine. I don't find it particularly distinctive in any way but it's definitely not an eyesore.

Plot. This show is pretty good about having a solid episodic plot structure, though it does suffer from lack of ongoing plot. The main ongoing drama focuses on the relationship between our heroine, Maika, and the Cafe's manager, Dino. Even that, though is lacking a certain aspect of the drama. In terms of episode plot, it seems the bulk of the first few episodes that have been released is each episode pertaining to getting to know a [new] member of the team. I'm interested to see where this show will go after the team is fully formed, if anywhere. That being said, every episode is particularly engaging. If I turn this show on while trying to get work done, I always find myself sucked in.