Con Ops - What It's All About, and When You Should Visit

Hello dear friends. I'm assuming if you're reading this you've been to a convention at least once before. Recently, I enjoyed the privilege of staffing a convention. I had a variety of roles, but I often found myself helping out with Con Ops (Convention Operations).

Okay so what does Con Ops do? Con ops basically is what keeps the con running smoothly. At the con I worked for, the Ops team was largely responsible for the following:

1. Hiring staff, assistants and volunteers
2. Organizing departments (registration, disability services, etc.)
3. Keeping logistics clear and troubleshooting when things arise (getting guests to/from the con, making sure hotel is reserved, etc.)
4. Taking care of attendee's problems (lost items, complaints, badge refunds, etc.)
5. Keeping the con running smoothly while it is going on

Okay, so you may not have had the need to come visit con ops before. Here are some reasons why you would/should come to con ops as an attendee: 

You found a lost item!

You lost something!


You lost someone!


You are hurt!

Someone or something is making you uncomfortable!

Something else has gone wrong and you want to let us know, or need help dealing with it.

You want to volunteer/join staff.

Though Con Ops teams are small and tend to not have as many volunteers as we like, we are here to support YOU and we work very hard to make your experience at the con as FUN and RESPONSIBLE as possible!