Anime of the Week: Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell is a legendary piece of work. Oshii set the standard for modern dystopia in animation with the original 1995 film. The film is considered groundbreaking due to its concept design and painstaking attention to detail.

Art. I'll admit, being a fan of new school, early-mid 2000's style, animation, I started out a little biased against the art of Ghost in the Shell, but as I watched it, the style seemed all the more fitting, as it drew the fine line between organic humanity and technological humanity. Ultimately I grew to love the art style despite it not being my usual preference. I can't imagine it any better.

Characters. Holy wow. Though we don't get a lot of in-depth time to really know the characters inside and out, I found myself identifying with and hardcore latching on to Major, as she assesses situations clearly and concisely. She finds organic species admirable, and isn't afraid to ask tough philosophical questions. Batou is a strategically placed character who doesn't steal the spotlight. HIs personality is real.

Story. Yknow what. Just watch the damn masterpiece.