Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry...IT'S ALMOST HERE

Fans of Fairy Tail, this could be a very exciting year for you and me! With more and more information coming out on the new upcoming film Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry almost each passing week, I thinks it’s best to put everything we know so far into one place that way we’re not searching all over the internet for it. First off, we were teased about a big project regarding Fairy Tail all the way back in 2014 and then Hiro Mashima released that the ‘big project’ was a new movie, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, during May of 2015. After that we heard nothing for a long time. It was painful to us huge fans to just sit and wait, but our hearts endured. Then over the past few months we started getting artwork and even a trailer about the upcoming movie. So let’s see what’s in store for us.

Regarding the production of the film and when it hits theaters, we know a few things. Tatsuma Minimikawa, from A-1 Pictures, directed the movie and if you know his name and the other projects he’s worked on, things are very promising. Not only that but all the original voice actors will be returning as their characters. That is one huge relief lifted from our shoulders. Then, from the teaser we know that the movie will hit theaters in Japan on May 6th, which is a Saturday. For a while that was it, but as of April 26th we got some fantastic news! Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry will also be hitting the big screen in 16 other countries besides Japan, including the US, UK, Ireland, France, Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand as well as nine other countries in Central and South America. Now when they’ll be showing has yet to be announced, but hey, we can’t complain about that, can we. But what about the movie itself?

So far, only a loose outline of the plot had been told to us, some from Mashima, some from the trailer. Here’s what we know of the story. Dragon Cry is a magical artifact hidden somewhere in a temple in Fiore. Apparently this artifact is extremely powerful, containing power that’s at the apocalyptic level. But new character, Zash, betrays his country, the Kingdom of Stella, by stealing Dragon Cry. This leaves the ruler, King Animus, and his advisor and wizard, Sonya, in dire need of help. Therefore Natsu, Happy, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, and Carla accept the request to retrieve it. Despite Zash being the villain, however, King Animus and Sonya seem to be hiding something as well. But despite this, our wizards of Fairy Tail will fight against the danger that is enveloping the world. As a side note, three other characters have also been revealed, but only in name and this includes Swan, Doll, and Capri. So what does the movie’s storyline tell us about what’s happening with the anime?

At first it doesn’t seem like we received much. A few screenshots, character close-ups, three movie posters, a teaser, and one trailer. But upon closer inspection, they reveal quite a bit about the future of the Fairy Tail anime. I’ll do my best to give insight without using any spoilers. Now the screenshots and character close-ups don’t tell us much besides the returning characters’ updated designs and new attire and the new characters being introduced, which is mainly done for viewers’ to begin anticipating the movie and get excited. The posters and trailer, however, are very telling. If you’re caught up on the anime, then I should tell you that the poster and scenes of Natsu as half dragon are very closely linked to the Tartaros arc. How, I won’t say because it would spoil too much, but I bet you can guess the reason is that there’s some sort of a connection to Zeref. That alone should get you very excited. Now if you look at the poster that shows the entirety of Team Natsu, one person should stand out a lot to you. Gray Fullbuster. For you anime-only fans, this is a whole new look. But for you manga-readers, this is not only exciting but also very telling. So I’ll let you anime fans on a little secret without spoiling anything. Gray’s design that’s revealed in the Dragon Cry poster is a very important detail that is first introduced in an exciting arc that has yet to be aired in the anime. Now if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, this is wonderful news. That means Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry could be the link between season two and the heavily anticipated yet unannounced season three of Fairy Tail! Because the movie is coming out in May during spring, that leaves openings for the show to return in summer, fall, or winter. Maybe the rumor of season three coming in 2017 wasn’t just a rumor! But even if it doesn’t happen and the show doesn’t make a return this year, the film alone tells us that the show isn’t dead and will return, even if it’s not until 2018. So no matter what, we’re being told fantastic news. Not only are we getting a movie, but the movie is hinting at a return of the anime series. Now if Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is anything like the other anime movies that have come out over the last several months, then it is going to be an incredible film. I hope you’re as excited as I am!