Anime of the Week: Kuzu no Honkai (Scum's Wish)

Art/Animation. Kuzu no Honkai follows the new-school art style - less "buggy" eyes, more elegant hair strands, and of course scenic backgrounds. While art is subjective and some may consider Kuzu no Honkai's nothing special, there's something alluring about it. Perhaps the beauty of it is drawn in with the use of original art from the manga when transitioning from scene to scene, in addition with artsy ink-splatters on occasion. I appreciate how the colours in the show, while prominent, still operate on a muted palate.

Characters. The characters in this show are excellent, wholesome, and real. There are no games being played, and few characters rely on archetypes set by the anime industry. Each character grows and as they find themselves, the viewer also finds them. Each and every role has their own motivations for their actions, and their own feelings. While sometimes these feelings are lost in melancholic themes of the series, they always return with a clear-as-mud explanation, though the explanations are always true to what it is to be human.

Plot/Themes. The plot revolves around 6 characters and their growth as they try to find love. 2/3 of them face situations of unrequited love. Overarching themes of the show focus on factors of dealing with unrequited love, and the circumstances one is willing to put themselves under in their search to patch broken hearts. The show also revolves around social distance, and the difference between loving someone versus being infatuated with someone. Simply put by user ZephSilver on MyAnimelist: 

Person A wants to be with person B, but person B wants to be with person C, and person C only desire attention, and person D wants to be with person C but settled for person A, while person E wants to be with person D, and person F wants to be with person A, and person G wants to be with person F, and person H wants to be with anyone who’s willing, and person C uses person H, while person D uses person E, while person J and D uses each other, and person A uses person F, and person H tries to use person A... and so on and so forth.

And...that's seriously it.
While Kuzu no Honkai is almost exclusively raw drama, I'd also recommend that those interested in viewing be prepared to re-evaluate their own personal lives. If you're a viewer who is inexperienced in intimate relationships, you will have a very different experience from someone who does have more experience.

7.4/10, because introspection isn't for everyone.

-L. Dean