Spring 2018 Anime You may have missed!

While Spring's Anime Season may have been focused primarily on continuing series or new adaptations of beloved series (Boku no Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul, Steins; Gate, Shokugeki no Souma, etc.), this list is for those of you that have room on your plate for a new series to enjoy, or are looking for a show that requires less of an undertaking to get started on (ex: not ready to finally start your trek through all 175 episodes of Fairy Tail).


Statelight Studios (best known for Fairy Tail and Log Horizon) is introducing a new series called Caligula. Based on the popular game series in Japan, the story focuses on "students" who find themselves trapped in a digital world designed for μ, an AI idol program. 

4. TADA KUN WA KOI WO SHINAI (Tada Can't Love)

After a non-romantic history, fate connects Teresa and Tada one day while Tada is photographing cherry blossoms. Will this traditional love story bloom unaffected by tragedy? It seems the anime community could use a tragedy-free love story.


This season's token "dark" anime. Will the elusive vampires of Devil's line surpass the iconic Tokyo Ghoul? Anzai is a half-vampire torn between two worlds.

2. WOTAKU NI KOI WA MUZUKASHII (Otaku love is difficult)

Two childhood sweethearts reconnect as grownups in the workplace. They have both developed obsessive interests. How will this affect their relationship?


Ren Amamiya is about to enter his second year after transferring to Shujin Academy in Tokyo. Congrats P5, fans! Excited, and hoping this show meets expectations.