5 New Spring 2019 Anime That Should Be On Your Watch List

  1. Fruits Basket

While one may not consider this reboot “new” it’s number one on this list simply because we like to pretend the original Fruits Basket Anime does not exist. Surely all wrongs will be made right, right? Right?!? (Coming to you from TMS Entertainment, known for ReLIFE, Orange, Kamisama Hajimemashita and Megalobox)

2. Fairygone

Brought to you by PA Works (Angel Beats!, Another, Charlotte, Shirobako), Fairygone is expected to be a chilling tale of war & bodily possession.

3. Carole & Tuesday

The legendary Studio Bones (Fullmetal Alchemist, Boku no Hero Academia, Noragami, Soul Eater, Mob Psycho 100, Ouran High School Host Club) is ready to bring us a show from the heart that unites two unlikely women on a journey to make music together in a post-modern world.

4. Shoumetsu Toushi

Get a load of this Teaser from Madhouse (Death Note, One Punch Man, No Game No Life, Hunter x Hunter, Death Parade, Overlord). This new action-drama -mystery focuses on a mysterious duo who are en route to a missing city called Lost.

5. Sarazanmai

MAPPA (Zankyou no Terror, Yuri!! On Ice, Kakegurui, Inuyashiki, Dororo, Zombieland Saga) and Lapin Track (new), bring you this seasons weird, yet emotionally effective series. While categorized as supernatural, action, and fantasy, it’s clear this show is going to be quite a conglomeration of more than just that.