Anime of the Week: Amagi Brilliant Park

Amagi Brilliant Park, to my knowledge, is unfortunately not that well known of an anime. Perhaps the reason is that Kyoto Animation produced it and they haven’t had much of a foot hold in anime since the 2000’s outside of the Free! franchise and the occasional hit. But no matter what the reason may be, this show is absolutely delightful and charming and a great choice for a palate cleanser. It’s light yet savage comedy is reminiscent of modern-day meme culture and its terrific use of anime archetypes is humorous in its own right. So, let’s go through the normal run down.

Art. I’ll be honest, the art isn’t anything special, but the light-heartedness that it has complements the overall feel of the show. Its thin lines and child-like color choices really emphasize the fact that you’re just not supposed to take this anime too seriously. I will say that I thoroughly enjoy the hair designs in Amagi Brilliant Park. Like the color choices, they really compliment their respective characters, even if they aren’t anything special.

Animation. The animation for Amagi Brilliant Park isn’t anything above average, but that doesn’t mean it has no charm. Once again, the show’s basic and average animation ends up complimenting and enforcing the overall feel the series. The child-like sense about it, with the hidden savage humor underneath. It’s pleasant to look at, but not exactly anything to gush over.

Characters. At this point, you’re probably wondering why I’m choosing Amagi Brilliant Park as the Anime of the Week, because all I’ve said so far is that the art and animation is just average and that there’s nothing too special about it. Here’s where that changes and why you’ll understand (hopefully) why I’ve chosen this particular anime. The characters are phenomenal in this show. There’s a character for almost every archetype, and they run that archetype to the ground, almost satirically, but without getting to the point of annoying. Then as I’ve mentioned briefly already, the humor is fantastic. It so closely resembles meme culture that it makes you want to question if they actually referenced Tumblr. They particularly use the concept of ‘salt’ very well, and what makes that impressive is that Amagi Brilliant Park aired in 2014, which was before ‘salt’ had really any hold in modern vernacular. You could say the anime was a little ahead of its time. Just a little bit. Anyway, all the characters are delightful, none of them bothered me in any way, and even though there wasn’t too much development, there was enough in the main characters to have it satisfy my thirst.

Plot. As I’ve said several times already, the story is absolutely charming and makes sure to let you know not to take the show seriously. Amagi Brilliant Park just wants you to sit back and have a good laugh. But on with the description. Kanie Seiya is a clever and narcissistic high school boy who one day believes he’s going on a date with the beautiful Sento Isuzu, but soon finds out that it was a trick to have Sento and her boss, Princess Latifa Fleuranza, recruit Seiya into becoming the manager of their amusement park. As it turns out, they have less than three months to meet a quota of 500,000 guests or they’ll be bought out by an awful real-estate company. However, there’s more at stake! All of the amusement park’s employees are Maple Landers, who are mysterious and magical beings who live in the human world and get nourishment from the energy of people having fun. Will Seiya be able to save the amusement park and its fun malnourished employees?

In conclusion, there’s nothing too ‘above and beyond’ about Amagi Brilliant Park, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching. I definitely wanted to get an under-appreciated anime up for once and have it receive the love it deserves. I mean, come one, meme-ish humor? Who doesn’t love that?

Rating: 8/10 Confikeys