Anime of the Week: Usagi Drop

The general concept of this show is that a 30something bachelor takes in a young child after her she is orphaned by a relative. Little does he know, his life will be completely changed by this decision. The show focuses on his development as a parent of the girl, Rin, and what it actually means to be a parent, especially a single parent.

Usagi Drop will leave you with the warm and fuzzies after every episode. Though most anime keep the viewer invested with a structure of fear or cliffhangers, Usagi drop attaches you the relationships of the characters, and keeps your heart warm. A show for all ages, but perhaps geared adults of typical child-having age. Watching this show as a young 20-something, I can't help but feel it would take on an entire new meaning should I become a parent one day. I can't wait to introduce this series to my family, and hear their thoughts and reactions.

Another note about the show I'd like to point out is the beautiful art throughout, particularly in the opening water-color-y scenes. The show is gorgeous in it's own right, and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

-Lynn Dean