Upcoming Hype: Black Clover


Time to hop on the Hype Train! Fall is here and that means some new anime! Now I know some series have already started but a majority have yet to air. Still, one in particular has really caught my eye and episode one will be airing October 3rd (Today). What show? That, my dear readers, would be Black Clover. From the brief trailers I had seen, it definitely peaked my interest. So, when my lovely friend who manages this blog asked me to write a hype article, I knew exactly what upcoming anime to research. So, let me tell you why I’m hyped.

I’ll start off in the shallows before I take us to the deep end. By just watching the few trailers that both Crunchyroll and Funimation have put out, I'm already intrigued by the series. The animation looked great, the color scheme as well as the color effects were stunning, and the art style was charming and dark, yet familiar. Better yet, the storyline was interesting. It’s about two young boys, Asta and Yuno, who make promise to each other about training to become the next Magic Emperor (or as it’s also called, Wizard King or Emperor Magus). Here’s the thing, Yuno is a natural prodigy while Asta can’t even use magic at all. But things change when they receive their grimoires. Yuno gets the rare four leaf clover grimoire, but to everyone’s surprise Asta receives the even more rare five-leaf clover grimoire, known as Black Clover. Even though the show touches on a familiar topic in the anime world, it seems to be taking it in a completely new direction that will revitalize the concept.

Now let’s dive deeper. Black Clover is being produced by Avex Pictures with Studio Pierrot. Once I read this, I flipped. These are some pretty big names for producers and studios. Let me list off their repertoire. Avex Pictures has produced Assassination Classroom, Noragami Aragoto, Osomatsu-san, and Yuri!!! on Ice. Studio Pierrot has made Naruto, Bleach, and Tokyo Ghoul. Yeah, those are some pretty big names and all of which have done very well. With a strong producer and studio backing up the series, there’s a lot of potential for Black Clover.

So, what’s the feel of the show? Well the manga appears in Weekly Shonen Jump, so from that alone you can get some idea. More specifically, the series has been said by multiple reviews to have splendid humor and art. My opinion is that it’s as if Naruto and Fairy Tail had a child and then raised said child in a medieval European fantasy world. The way the plot develops is very similar to both series and the humor and art style is also reminiscent of the two anime/manga. Other reviews have also said that it’s as if Harry Potter was a magical knight instead of a wizard and not nearly as smart. To me it sounds like a great balance of plot, slightly dark themes, humor, adventure, and (since it’s Shonen Jump) some fan service. With the manga currently on its eighth arc, there’s quite a bit of potential for it to become the next good long running series. Hopefully it delivers!