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Post Con Feelings

After a weekend of crazy fun and excitement comes to a close, it’s common to find yourself swelling with a variety of different emotions. At first you feel exhilarated, glad to have experienced something so much fun. But then after a day or so it really hits you that the con is over, and you start to bathe in the cloud of monotony that is the real world. Here are some to help as you re-adjust back into daily life.

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Just the Basics: Hygiene at Conventions

We've all been there. That moment where you run into The Smelly Cosplayer. Chances are this person doesn't mean to be smelly nor do they know that they smell. If you're worried this title may belong to you or if you want to do everything in your power to prevent yourself from gaining that title, this article is for you. It's more than just showering.

I'm going to split this article into the two main things that could be the root of one's pungent scent. Body and Costume.

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Just the Basics: Self Care at a Con

We all know it's important to eat, sleep and stay hydrated. But sometimes, in the excitement of being at a con surrounded by potential friends, our favorite characters and a plethora of activities, we forget to take care of ourselves.

SO, after consulting many cosplayers, I have conglomerated some key components to keep in mind next time you're rocking your favorite cosplay and/or running around with your squad at a con

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