Upcoming: Clockwork Planet

Clockwork Planet is set to start running on April 7th, 2017. Adapted from a light novel that has been running since April 2013, the story focuses on Naoto, a high school student who miraculously encounters a mysterious gynoid called RyuZU.

The light novel was co-written by author, Yuu Kamiya, who is most well-known for writing the popular MMORPG genre series No Game No life back in 2013. 

Clockwork planet has been a project of Xebec studios. Xebec is known for other works such as To LOVE-Ru, Pandora Hearts, Shaman King, Shuffle!, Negima, and Love Hina. Due to the popularity of Xebec productions and Kamiya's No Game, No Life, this anime is anticipated to be rather high-profile upon it's release. Audiences don't expect it to be a super-hit, but it will definitely be a commonly-recognzied piece of work.