Anime of the Week: Gakuen Babysitters (School Babysitters)

Gakuen Babysitters focuses on newly-orphaned Ryuuichi and Kotarou Kashima. Ryuuichi is made to join the school babysitting club, and the show mainly focuses on the antics of children and the resulting unlikely parent-ship Ryuuchi must face with regards to Kotarou and the other children in the day-care center. 

Art.  The art isn't standout - it's not a fresh-new style, but I do admire the colour choices, and it remains consistent with new-school shoujo style. Nothing wrong with that. The young children are drawn chibi-format, which works will with the plot of making them sub-characters for lack of a better term. These aren't kids going on an adventure, they're pretty much babies, so full blown animation and sizeable character design is unnecessary. They really just need to be cute, and boy they are.

Plot. The plot is simple and easy to understand. This isn't a show that demands your 100% attention when you watch it, but you'll find yourself dropping whatever you were doing to watch it anyway. The show is not very thought-provoking, but that's also not the goal. The goal is clearly to give the viewer a moment to be happy amidst the drama of the other shows airing this season, or even the drama of your own life. If you've had a rotten day, an episode will surely cheer you up.

Characters. There isn't much to say about the characters in the show. While we do get to see some growth from the teens and adults in the show, Gakuen Babysitters isn't about the growth of the characters. It's a relaxation show. All being said, I'd like to appreciate the fact that they got Daisuke Ono, Yuuichiro Umehara, and Tomoaki Maeno in the cast. (nice!)

While this show isn't plot heavy, gritty, gorgeous, or laughably awful, It's worth a watch, especially after a long day. Feel-good anime like this are difficult to come by.