Suzuki Noboyuki in Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Adaptation

Soon-to-be star of the Tokyo Ghoul live action franchise, Suzuki Noboyuki, has been training for his role of Kotaro Amon. Beloved by fans, Tokyo Ghoul tells the story of Kaneki, a half-ghoul who struggles as he rides the fence between the Human and the Ghoul world. Kotaro is the heavy-hearted, human antagonist of the series.

Suzuki and Amon side-by-side

Suzuki and Amon side-by-side

If fans weren't already drawn by the amazing manga and well-done anime adaptation, they will be drawn by Noboyuki's pretty-boy charm. Female fans in Japan have already begun their pursuit. Noboyuki is most well known for his role in "You are too much" in which he played a fairly unlikable character. Noboyuki describes the content of the upcoming film to be "Harsher than anything I've ever experienced before". 

The film has an expected release date of July 29th, 2017. Let the countdown begin


-L. Dean