Anime of the Week: Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End)


Art. The backgrounds in Owari no Seraph are standout. While the character art style doesn't strike me as particularly beautiful, it's definitely not bad. Character designs are incredibly strong in this show. All characters are distinguishable, and the uniforms are gorgeous -- definitely cosplay material. I can't help but feel like they had cosplayers in mind when designing the characters.

Story. The plot was not incredibly standout, and even when it reached a level of heartwrenching-ness, it didn't hit as hard as I'd hoped, presumably because time was spent developing the characters, but not attaching the viewer to them. While the apocalypse setting is particularly common in anime, I don't consider this a mark against the series. It lends itself well to restructuring themes throughout. Overall, while the plot isn't unique, it's entertaining.

Sound. Normally I don't pay much attention to audio tracks, but the music involved with scenes and the sound effects made me notice it, so that's something! Nothing bad to say here, I thought they did an excellent job.

-Lynn Dean