Yuuri on ICE!


I'm going to start by saying that this review is incredibly biased, and here's why: I have been an intense fan of men's figure skating for years. So It comes as no surprise that when you combine two of my favorite things (anime and figure skating) that I'm going to love it no matter what. That being established, here's what I think of the skating anime that is taking the anime world by storm right now. 

Art. The art and animation meet my expectations. One thing about figure skating that I always notice in the real world is that depending on the origins of the skater, their movements seem to be slower or blockier, even though in real time, they are taking the same amount of time to do their jumps, they just seem to be moving slower. For example, Canadian skaters appear to spin suuuuuuuper fast. American skaters appear to spin slowly while in the air. Japanese skaters tend to spin with balance. I adore how the show takes these movements into consideration when animating the programs at international competitions in the show. Even when skaters fall, it looks just as it would if the skaters were, in fact, real.

Details. The show made me gasp whenever the point totals came up for the competitors. They stayed true to the standard figure skating scores, and were even accurate on the specific jumps and their techniques. I am thoroughly impressed by the attention to detail.

Story. Okay, I'm a sucker for a hint of romance in anime, especially between beautiful men. So the ongoing relationship between Victor and Yuuri captured my soul and will never let it go. It's sprinkled seamlessly into the show. The viewer is given exactly what they want and how they want it, but it doesn't take away the pull of Yuuri on Ice, it only adds to it. Personally I watch the show on Friday evenings after a long week. Sometimes I can't wait and end up watching it when it comes out on Wednesdays tho. (oops, it's like cheating on a diet)

10/10 confi keys --- biased confi keys