MomoCon 2016: Organized Play

I'm in awe of how well MomoCon was organized. MomoCon is quite possibly the best I've seen in terms of logistics and panel organization. Here are some of my thoughts about the con overall!

I sincerely loved the arrangement of panels. The rooms the panels were held in were arranged by workshops, main events, costuming, and general panels. This was especially pleasing to my companion who thoroughly loves to make things. He spent most of the time in the costuming room, learning about moldmaking, sculpting, special effects, among many other valuable skills. 
After an unfortunate death to my camera batter because I failed to invest in a nice charger, I found myself wandering into the AMV contest, which was a standout experience. The competitors were all very, very good. I feel like I could have spent the entire weekend in the AMV room!

The merchandise room was beyond satisfactory. It was the same size as the merch room at cons that are almost exclusively merch rooms, and I was pleased to see a variety of types of vendors. From lolita fashion, to steampunk gear, to cosplay, to anime merchandise, among much much more there was a grand variety of items to choose from. I was pleased to even find some of my favorite Japanese cosmetics that I have dreamt of ever since I used up the ones that I brought home from Japan. Another highlight of the convention was the Nostalgia Critic panel. Though I, personally, am not a subscriber I found the panel to be engaging and exciting. 

WOW! Atlanta really brought it when it came to cosplay. I saw some amazing, beautiful craftsmanship at the con. Unfortunately since my camera was broken, the majority of what I captured will be posted on our official instagram: confidentiai over the course of the next few days.