Heroes Con 2016: Holy Merch!

It was my very first time Visiting Charlotte, NC! Though we didn't spend too much time exploring I though it was lovely. Even more impressive, though, was the number of AMAZING cosplays we had the privilege to see at Heroes Con 2016. Wow, the percentage of attendees in cosplay was absolutely amazing at this con. Not to mention the size of the merchandise area...

My companion at this con was my beloved father who chose to spend father's day weekend being dragged across the south and forced to attend his very first convention as Batman. Though he was nervous at first, he ended up having a ton of fun, and had plenty of pictures taken of him. I'm very proud. 

The con's logistics were impressive, they had separate lines for pre-registered and at-con registration that were in different places, but I also liked how the at-con registration line was split between cash and credit. This kept the line relatively efficient and moving. Crowd control did an excellent job directing herds of people where to go and overall staff was incredibly friendly.

The con only had a few panels, but the panels it held seemed to be quite fun and engaging, as well as educational. Dad and I spent most of our time in artists alley and being stopped for photos. WOW, I must say that this merch room more than rivaled Chicago Comic Con's. It conquered. Of course, the bulk of the merchandise was focused around comics, so there was less variety than most other cons. Often at Wizard World and other merchandise cons, you'll find a more balanced mix of television, anime and comic merchandise. Still, heroes con was impressive. Mid day on Saturday, the cosplayers were gathered for mass photos. The first being DC characters (my dad among them). The next massive group as Marvel characters (myself among them). The final group was basically "other" where all of the Disney, Anime, Videogame, Film, and TV characters were mushed in. All the groups were relatively large. Initially, the con intended to get a group photo of everyone together outside, but it was uncomfortably hot outside, so they settled for the main stage. 

Overall it was a fabulous day, I'm glad my dad got to experience such a large con with so many people in costume. It sounds like he looks forward to me escorting he and my mom [that will be interesting] to another con sometime in the future. 

Thanks for a great weekend, Charlotte!