2D Con 2016: A Gaming Con Sprouts in Bloomington

2D con is a gaming con In Bloomington, MN. It is 2 years old and small but grew almost 100% from 2015 to 2016

The content of the con was mainly focused around gaming in all its facets including every console from 1968-2016, table top and TCG tournaments, as well as every board game you could imagine. There was a well-stocked merch room which I sadly had little time to check out. There were Japanese arcade consoles spread out through the entire con which gave you a sense that any moment you could just jump in play a game and continue on your way.

A weakness of 2D Con was that due to its small size the density of people at panels was often just slightly under where you would want it to be but with the current growth rate and the quality of staff this problem will lessen with time. Another issue was that cosplay was limited. However that is normal for a gaming convention, and the few that were there were at minimum good and at best quite remarkable for such a small convention.

The thing that stood out to me was everything was run so smoothly as to seem that nothing was going wrong. That may seem like an odd sentence, but if you have ever worked at a con, you know the phrase “Everything is on fire” isn’t far from literal. And that all event runners, and even vendors, were not only polite and kind, but actively tried to engage with you in a way that was neither pervasive nor annoying.

My verdict? You should go. It wasn’t that 2D had something no other con had but it had what you actively wanted it to have--densely packed and organized efficiently. It was 25$ (pre-register is 30$ at the door) for a 3 day weekend with access to more games and interesting events then you have time for and with friendly people both attending and running the con.

M. Radspinner