Daisho Con 2017

Merchandise. Daisho's merchandise room exceeded expectations. Though I wish it were a little larger, I thoroughly appreciate the diverse selection. Everything was a little more expensive than I anticipated, but considering this con being in Wisconsin, I understand the high cost of transporting merchandise, so the prices seem a bit justified.

Artists Alley. It never ceases to amaze me the differences between Artist Alley in Minnesota vs Wisconsin. Daisho is no exception. Perhaps pulling from the Chicago talent pool, there were plenty of artists old and new who had excellent style, prices, and conceptual designs. This was truly one of the best Artist Alleys I've seen in a long while.

Organization. Thank you, Daisho for clearly labeling your panel rooms, providing attendees with maps and staff to assist, and keeping lines under control. This is a really hard thing to achieve for a convention, especially given the limited space you had to work with. Props for your preparation.

Panels. Panels at Daisho were excellent! Cons with a variety of panels with interesting topics are always my favorite. As someone who goes to cons primarily for merchandise, cosplay, and panels, it's always a bummer when I find myself only interested in an select few. It had 4 panel rooms with an excellent lineup of fun activities. Shout out for also having an art room - what a fun way to kill some time between panels, or simply relax for a little bit. Adventures in Voice Acting held a panel on Sunday that was a live-dubbing experience with audience members. I must say it was one of the coolest panels I've been to in a long time, and also WOW did those Wisconsinites have some voice acting chops. Sometimes these types of panels can be boring or cringe-y, but the volunteers this time were just plain spectacular!

Venue. The Kalahari has a fun atmosphere, great food options and an entire convention center. Overall it acts as a pretty good venue, the main downsides being the cost for rooms, lack of parking, and the relatively small space given the number of Daisho Con attendees.

Guests. While not all the guest were anime-focused, they were all very entertaining. i had the privilege of experiencing panels with Deadlift Lolita, Zach Callison, and Elizabeth Maxell. All of which were fantastic and super fun.

-Lynn Dean