Daisho Con 2018

Merchandise. Daisho's Merch room was solid. It’s easy to see that the con is growing strong and confident. With booths that cater to even more obscure anime artifacts (seiyuu pillow CD’s, doujins, LLSIF guidebooks, etc.) it’s easy to see that Daisho knows it’s attendees and what they want.

Artists Alley (& Venue). Daisho has a WILD Artist Alley. Unfortunately, the con has out grown it’s space at the Kalahari convention center, the alley is literally an alley (well, a hallway) line on each side by booth after booth, stretching for quite a while from one edge of the con to the other. I think this is great for artists because it forces most attendees to walk by and take a look while on their way to other events. The down side is that the space the booths take up make the hallway about half as wide as it normally would be - leaving lots of congestion. Thye artists featured at Daisho are very, very talented, so I’m glad to see their work showcased beyond just the artist alley goers.

sOrganization. Daisho’s registration process was smooth. Additionally, rooms are well labeled too. While at first the venue can be disorienting, Daisho does a good job of having adequate amount of signage without cluttering up the small passageways

Panels. Panels at Daisho were spectacularly diverse. Some, stronger than others. Death Note Mafia (a tradition at Daisho for my team and I) was a blast. We then meandered over to the Hentai game show, which we thought would be more Hentai-media oriented but turned out to be more of a series of perverted audience minigames that had us jumping ship after black phallic straws were thrown to the audience. The Weird Japanese Commercial panel was probably my favorite of the con - both the panelists and the audience were excellent.

Guests. Seeing the guests at Daisho was a treat. Moderately Okay Cosplay maintained his charming presence and was easily accessible to attendees. Alexis Tipton had some great input on what it means to work in the voice acting space, and even invited some newly-made VA friends to join her on her panel.

Overall, Daisho is well on its way to becoming a personal favorite. Hopefully in future years, the Kalahari will finish renovations and be able to acommodate the size of the con (or perhaps we’ll see a venue change?)