A-Kon 2019

keep-all" rules="rows"> Criteria Rating (out of 5) Reasoning Artist Alley 5 So many new faces in Arist Alley - Texas, you have Talent! my wallet was ready to explode! Cosplay 2 The cosplay per capita was low, most likely due to the venue being outdoors and cosplay gets hot in a comfortable climate. Additionally the few cosplayers that were willing to brave the texas heat, were not looking so hot after more than 10 minutes baking in the sun. Gaming 4 Gaming had an awesome tournament setup with live cams and streams, even commentators. There were plenty of consoles and even vintage options. My one complaint was the lack of rhythm games outside of Dance Dance revolution. Guests 3 ACME was here and they were gorgeoues and talented. Additionally seeing Yaya Han, the original cosplay queen, in person was spectacular. She really give it her all despite her criticisms. Unfortunatley there weren't as many voice acting guests as I would have expected for a con that's been running so long. Merchandise 5 One of the best merch rooms I've seein in a long time. I wish it were a tiny bit bigger, but honestly every booth had something different that I wanted. Organization 1 A-kon. You did AMAZING given the amount of time you had to put yourself together after a difficult struggle with funding and locations, but unfortunatley I have to rank you against the other large conventions we review. Your venue was poor. Your signage was not well placed. I'm very glad there was a map in the fanguru app. Panels 3 The quality of panels we attended were fine, however the venue really took away from the convention feeling cohesive. Finding the spaces was hard, and it really didn't feel like a convention without panels being readily accessible. Special Events 1 So, had I been able to actually find the entrance to the special events building, maybe I could offer something higher than a 1 for this section. Putting defining elements of a convention in a sad corner building with negligble entrances is not a good idea. Venue 0 "Let's have a con outdoors in Texas in July" They said. The weather was extremely hot, then stormy. Was it actually a good time? 2 Kind of felt like I flew to Dalls just for a Tekken tournament and a merch room.

A-Kon earned a grade of F. I understand there are a lot of factors that played into the downfall of this convention. I’m glad to see that it survived it’s hard times. However, I will not be returning next year if it is at the same venue.

What the A-kon Is Lacking:

  • A good venue, with nearby hotels

  • Signage

Unique to A-kon:

  • USA’s first anime convention