Anime Detour 2019

Anime Detour this year has by far been the best yet. With new panels, and a bunch of new faces, it was a delight to watch Anime Detour 2019 usher in the next generation of Minneapolis weebs, while still remaining thoughtful and loyal to us old folks over 20. Here’s the breakdown:

Criteria Rating (out of 5) Reasoning
Artist Alley 5 Spectacular talent and even had a separate space for Artist Alley
Cosplay 3 Lots of attendees in cosplay, cosplay quality varied, but nearly everyone was dressed up!
Gaming 3 Similar to previous years. Met expectations, but lacking PC game spaces. Nothing special.
Guests 5 Serious starpower considering convention size. Anime-industry specialized – aligns with con theme.
Merchandise 5 Strong merchandise room for a con of this size. Grand array of snacks, figures wigs, and, (our favorite) doujinshi.
Organization 4 Hyatt isn’t con-friendly, but detour made it work with signage and maps! Unfortunately, at-con registration was a mess due to printer failures.
Panels 5 This is a convention run by fans, for fans, and you can tell. Content is nicely catered to the attendees. Panel variety and cleverness was at an all-time high this year.
Special Events 4 AMV Contest, Kahza Concert, Dance, Idol Lives, Charity Auction, Cosplay contest…but no ball?
Venue 3 This con is starting to ougrow the Hyatt (which is a poor venue anyway). Hopefully Minneapolis conventions can find a new home soon!
Was it actually a good time? 5 Between Room parties, warm guests, hilarious panels, and possibly the best Anime-con rave in Minnesota, this was the best Anime Detour yet!

For a base score, Anime Detour earned a grade of B.

What the Anime Detour Is Lacking:

  • Swift, functional at-con badging system

  • Desktop space & Fighting game tournaments in game room

  • Big events like Combat Chess or Formal Ball missing

  • Badge reimbursement for volunteers or panelists

Unique Events to Anime Detour:

  • Artist Alley in their separate, quality space, with quality artists!

  • Adult Merchandise (Always nice to refresh my doujinshi collection)

  • Con-organized room parties!

  • Cosplay photoshoot sets