Anime Detour 2016: Show us what you got, Minneapolis

The decision to go to Anime Detour was incredibly last minute decision. My friend had just complete her Rey cosplay the night before, and had posted on snapchat "what do I do now?"
In response, I dragged her Anime Detour the following day for a little taste of what the convention life was like. 

We found ourselves admiring what Minneapolis had to offer for the best of its cosplay--Anime Detour is the favored con of local con-goers. Due to its unfortunately close timing with Animinneapolis, it's often placed in competition, however in recent years it has smashed Animinneapolis in terms of attendance.

Overall it was nice to finally get a con experience in Minnesota after relocating hear in 2014. I'm sure my friend is looking forward to attending CONvergence this summer. I can't wait to hear what she has to say about her first planned con experience.