Animinneapolis 2019

Criteria Rating (out of 5) Reasoning
Artist Alley 2 Minneapolis, I know there are more amazing artists than what i saw at Animinneapolis this year. Please don't be scared, please come table at conventions. We Will love you, I promise.
Cosplay 5 Um, wow! The Cosplay per capita at Animinneapolis was amazing! I saw some truly amazing cosplay that even at large conventions is hard to come by. Good on you, Minneapolis!
Gaming 3 The space designated for games is nice. It's not a big dark room, but it is off in the corner which is nice because it keeps un-necessary noise out of the heart of the convention. While small, it fits nicely. Would love to see more tournaments in the future.
Guests 5 Honestly, for a small con, I'm not sure who sold their soul to get DC and Greg to return to Minneapolis so frequently, but I'm not complaining. They are always a good time. Kyle Phillips had an amazing panel about being an ADR engineer for Funimation that was refreshingly unique
Merchandise 3 Getting to grow. Met expectaitons for the convention but I'd like to see more vendors really fill the space.
Organization 5 Signage was excellent, ops was efficient. Overall no complaints. The map in the guidebook was extremely helpful given this Hyatt's weird layout.
Panels 5 Minneapolis, you never fail to disappoint with your character panels. Additionally, the guest panels were great too. Shoutout to all the sports anime panels and the Fruits Basket panelists for giving their audiences a great time.
Special Events 3 The cosplay competition, while presented casually, was entertaining. Unfortunately the rave was....less than enthusing. I'm still trying to parse why dances seldom do well at Minneapolis convenitons. The DJ's seem fine. Perhaps it's because the venue is located near actual clubs, or maybe because the late night panels are very good.
Venue 3 I know I've spent a lot of time hating on the Minneapolis Hyatt Regency for being the most awkward convention layout ever, but It's starting to grow on me. Still, I think vertical conventions are much more difficult than others. Additionally, there aren't many options for overflow hotels other than Millenium across the street. The other nearby options are all aobut half a mile down the road.
Was it actually a good time? 5 Yeah, it was! Weather was great, community was great. It really went off without a hitch!

Animinneapolis earned a grade of C. While it’s a really fun convention, there are some areas that could be stronger. Hoping to see it grow, preferably under new leadership in the future.

What the Animinneapolis Is Lacking:

  • A strong game room

  • Overflow hotel options

  • Rave engagement - perhaps a known EDM guest could help? I’m surprised Mega-Ran didn’t have much of a draw…

  • Japanese guests

Unique to Animinneapolis:

  • Panels. Animinneapolis really lets their panelists go wild, including the guest panels.

  • Epic photoshoot spots. The Hyatt is situated by a nice park, fountains, and across from an old-ish architecture church, as well as downtown Minneapolis. You can achieve nearly any vibe you’re after in a cosplay photoshoot just a short walk away.