Chicago Comic Con 2014: Wizard World vs Local Cons

Wizard World’s Chicago comic con was a blast. I found myself packed in a small car with 4 other people and creeping into the edge of Chicago. Wizard World cons tend to have a different feel to them than local cons. They’re less focused on panels and activities and more focused on Merchandise, Artwork and, of course, celebrities. 

There were lots of big names at CCC. I found myself at a panel featuring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, which was a blast. The final, most important question to be asked in the fan Q&A: “What would YOU do for a Klondike bar?" 
A particularly entertaining question but the response was even more entertaining, as our favorite Brits were unaware of the cultural icon that is, indeed, the Klondike Bar.

Overall the con was an overwhelming experience. A note to anyone who has never been to a Wizard World convention: if you would like to see all of the content it has to offer, you may wish to only wear your costume part of the day, as bloggers, bloggers, photographers and journalists of all types are lurking everywhere.