Animinneapolis 2016: Bring on the Merch!

I had the pleasure of attending Animinneapolis for the first time this passed weekend. Though my schedule only allowed for a Saturday visit, I definitely got a feel for the con.

I found that the Minneapolis Hyatt did not have a very prominent “central” area in which con-goers tended to gather at some point or another which made it quite difficult to make cosplay-seeing a stationary experience. That being said, it was easily navigable. 

Unfortunately I didn’t get the privilege to attend a panel, as I had to leave before many of the ones that peaked my curiosity began. I did, however, experience one of my favorite merchandise rooms to date and enjoyed the company of both local Minnesota cosplayers, as well as those who had traveled far from their home to experience Animinneapolis. 

While waiting for the merch room to open, I found myself chatting with a US National Guardsman from Nebraska who explained he brings his Piplup (pokemon) that he won in Japan at the Osaka pokemon center to every convention he attends with his wife, as well as all the places he travels for work. It was a beautiful sentiment about how geek culture carries with you everywhere you go. Also Piplub is adorable....